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Many parents who get off from work between 5 to 6 p.m. generally have a difficult time finding a place for their kids after school and especially on breaks. Our  goal is to open an after school program that will focuses on helping qualified families with this issue. We will provide a place for their children to do their homework activities and interaction with other their peers under proper supervision.


The main goal of this program is to help families who cannot afford to send their kids to summer program to do just that. For families who qualify, the summer camp sponsorship program  will pay for 1-2 weeks of camp( when funds are available,the full summer camp) to under-served children who need it the most.  This program is  design for these kids to be in a fun, safe  environment while being kept busy during the  summer break.


Not only adults can have mental illness. Children can also develop mental illness. Our goal for this program is  to evaluate these children and get them the help they really need. We will also offer counseling for young children who is suffer from physical and verbal abuse. Proper referral is will be made to a Psychiatrist for those who need intense therapy and treatment.



Social skills as you may already know are critical for anyone to  functions properly in society. This program will teaches children the proper social skills and how to interact with peers, elderly, older individuals, and figures of authority.  will be  provided so that kids can practice role-play in various settings. Our goal for this program is to allows children with special needs to interact with non special needs children to enhance their social skills and development.

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