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Small Business Initiative Program

Destiny Outreach Center is helping one family at a time to be self sufficient in Lacule/Fauche Haiti. Haitian families are in need of small opportunity to able them to feed themselves, sent their children to school and be  financially stable as possible. We are given families who are interested in starting  small business such as selling  food and other items the mean to do so.  Help us to help families be self sufficient and financial stable in Haiti:

 Annette Midy

She is a mother of 3, not working and having a hard time to make ends meet. Destiny Outreach Center gave her large bag of rice/beans and 5 gallon of cooking oil to start a small business of selling foods. She will be able to sale the rice/bean/cooking oil to her neighbors which will help her towards financial stability.

4/17/2017 oil/rice/spaghetti/butter given toward growing her business

 Venante Cinsy

She  was born with  with Amniotic Band Syndrome where her limbs are not fully developed. She walks on her stump. Last year, Destiny Outreach Reach met her and gave  knee pads to minimize her walking on her stumps. She stated she wants to do a laundry detergent business to help her feed herself. Destiny Outreach Center gave her one large bag  and 5 gal container of  laundry detergent.She also received  2 boxes of  bar soaps to start a small business. She will be able to sale small bags of detergent to her neighbors.

4/17/2017: Special thanks to Dr(s) Sayed and Henry for their combine donation of $225 which helps 3( 2 new and 1) struggling women in rural Leogane, Haiti to be self sufficient. Marjorie Dorce(right ) and Andremene Bawo (left) both received $1000 Haitian dollars worth of merchandise to start a small business of selling food product which will help  feed themselves and their families.

5/3/2017:Special thanks to Dr. Saquib B. Sayed, MD for his generous donation  of   $350 which helped 4 struggling women in rural Leogane, Haiti to be able to self-sufficient: Andelie Jean Jacques ( 5 children/2 adults), Ritha Esteril ( 3 children/2 adult), Rosevania Severance ( 4 children/2 adults) and Danyte Dorcee( 2 children /2 adults) they all received $1000 Haitian dollars worth of merchandise( Rice/ Sugar/Flour/ detergent/oil/spaghetti/cans of salmon/tomato paste) to start a small business of selling food products which will help  feed themselves and their families.

Rosevania Severance

Andelie Jean Jacques

Danyte Dorcee

Ritha Esteril

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