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Toys For Haiti

 Toys For Haiti is an initiative to  get a Christmas gift bag in the hands of less fortunate children in Haiti. We desperately need your help  in order to do that.  The first step is to either request for a non woven bag from us or you can get any woven bag to start. Below is the flyer that guides you  how to fill the bag and most importantly is insering your kind donation  of $5-10 to transport your gift to a child in need. Please email ( us for a Toys For Haiti Christmas Gift Bag or  bags for church members who may want to bless a child this Christmas.  Once the bag is fill and ready, we can pick it from your church or facility or you can make arrangement to drop it at our locale in Blackwood during the month of October.  Once we have the bags, they  will be inspected( to make there are no liquid/candies/food /etc) , seal and  packe for international shipment.

The Toys For Haiti Christmas Gift Bag  must be ship during the first week of November in order  for them to get to Haiti on time

( 2-3 weeks  of travel time, follow by another 2-3 weeks of customs clearance, and 1-2 weeks to get it to our facility (rural  village)  in Haiti) for Christmas. Please help Destiny Outreach Center with this initiative.

Toys For Haiti 2019

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