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ETOPA (Ede Tèt Ou Pwogram Agrikòl)/Agriculture Program

Destiny Outreach Center  strongly believe  that if an individual is willing to work one's land by planting various items, one can feed one's family. We just started with the program ETOPA which literally stands for "help oneself using agriculture"  in Lacul, Haiti to help vulnerable families to start farming again in order  to feed themselves. 


Destiny Outreach Center is in the business in helping vulnerable families  to be self sufficient by just working the land that they already have.  We are providing various local seeds( plan banan, patate/mani/mayi/pwa/etc) to families that have land but may not have  either the seeds or gardening tools to work their land. 


Once  the seeds are given and they start to work their land, we provide them with $700 Haitian dollars of food to help them  get by while they are waiting for their fruits of labor from their own land. We also provide each family in the ETOPA program a  goat which will be use as a source of income( by selling the goat's kid, sell/drink its milk etc) for the family so that they're not only can feed themselves but  sent their children to school and  be financial stable.   Help us to help families be self sufficient and financial stable in Lacul,  Haiti.

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