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Community Outreach Events

FREE Tdap Vaccine Administration


was given to uninsured Individuals at The Cathedral Soup Kitchen In Camden May, 28,2019. Vaccine Information Sheet( VIS) on Tdap was handed out to all individuals that came to the Camden Soup Kitchen that day. Vaccines consents was obtained and individuals' question about Tdap vaccine was answered during the vaccine administration. Majority of the individuals who received the Tdap vaccine  stated it has 15 or more years since they received their Tdap booster. There were glad they were get it even though some of them are not a fan of taken the needle.

Care/Hygienal packages was also handed out to people that was there which included Dove Soap, Phillips Fibers Gummies, Body wash, lotion and other items.


Vaccines received was also shared with other local provider who provides care to uninsured, low income and individuals in need in Clementon(Clementon Family Practice: Dr Pradip N. Patel), Blackwood (Family Medicine; Dr. T.K Cumarasamy and  to Quality Community Health  Care Inc in Philadelphia.

Boxes of Hygienal  products  was given to other entity that serves people in need like Camden County Women's Center, May 2019. Uninsured immigrants that comes for care at DestyOnCare HealthCare received both free vaccines and hygienal products.

Big thanks to Direct Relief for vaccines and Products donation.

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