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We  will offer counseling for families which are experiencing marital dispute, domestic violence or just need of some general counseling. A healthy family relationship starts with proper communication and in our family counseling we really stress on that.


We are committed to ensure that no family should ever go hungry. Our food pantry Program will be available to any families who are need of a good meal once funding becomes available.  Our goal is not only provide free food but  to also help those who may benefit from food stamp. Our main focus  will be to provide food on the table of every family who are struggling daily to feed themselves.



We will help families who are dealing with domestic violence. Women and children are more prone to suffer from domestic violence. We will help the entire family, not only by focusing on helping the victims but also help the men who need help with anger management. 


Rental and utilities assistance is provided to individuals who are in need of finding somewhere to live or help in paying their rent or utilities. Families which are suddenly unemployed or have fallen behind on their rent or utilities, if funding is available we will step up to help. We not only will provide the financial help but also take the opportunity to help families to better manage their money. A referral is made for those who need greater financial help than we can provide.


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