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Medicine/Vitamin/food distribution June 27, 2017

 Destiny Outreach Center was able to provide  vitamins both for adult and children. Adult pain medication( Motrin) Children Tylenol was given to families from Lacule and Fauche, Haiti. Rice/sugar/beans and other food products was also distributed to families. Because of lack of funds, we could to met the needs of every family.  Your donation will make a difference, click above to  the donation button to help families in great need.



Food distribution Trip to Haiti: April 17, 2016

 100 Church family Members from Nazareen of L'Acul and  Church of Christ The Truth recieved: Rice/Farina/Sugar/Beans along with other items such sandals/underwears/shampoos/perfume/etc.  50 other church family members from  Church Nazareen of  Daborne, Leogane also participated. We provided foods and misc. items to over 150 families for our first trip to Haiti.



The Volunteers of  Nazareen Church in L'Acul   Leogane: 

 *Jean Rica Casimir

 * Michelan Pierre

 *Ricaharde Dessaint

 *Natacha Laguerre

 *Lanise Val

 * Marie Ange Salomon

 * Jameson Michaud


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