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Destiny Outreach Center will help and assist immigrant clients with the completion of immigration petitions and the translation of documents. We will provide legal counseling individuals when needed. We will provide the necessary immigration information and referrals to those who are in need of more detailed legal assistance. 


When immigrants or refugees are changing their visa in the US, a medical physical exam is required. We help complete the top section of the I-693 requested USCIS form and will arrange for the necessary physical exam to be completed by our designated health physician for minimal fee.


We will reach out to those who have been forced to leave their own country due to war, natural disaster, or as a result of personal persecution within their countries of origin. We will help provide some stability to the lives of these immigrants by

  • securing food

  • clothing

  • housing

  • health care

  •  English language instruction,

  •  employment services.


We will assist with:


  • Immigration Visa Petitions For Relatives

  • Application For Naturalization

  • Application For Certificate Of Citizenship

  • Adjustment Of Status

  • Replacement Of Green Card

  • Travel Documentation

  • Application For Employment Authorization/Work Permit

  • Consular Processing For Immigrant Visa Application


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