Our programs  is geared to provide education, family support groups, respite care, advocacy, and service linkage to families of the person suffering from mental illness and drug abuse. Our programs are designed to bring about patient recovery by focusing on heavy counseling sessions for individuals struggling with drug addiction.



Our youth and adolescent today is the future of tomorrow. Destiny Outreach Center focuses on improving education standards (staying in school), mental health and prevention (pregnancy and safe sex).  We place an emphasis on educating our youth on the available preventive measures.



We what to provide a vast number of services to children with special needs such as Respite Care, social skill classes, and our big brother and big sister interaction program. Our primary focus of our special needs services is to educate children with special needs about bullying and other preventive measures.



Destiny Outreach Center will help women who are suffering from domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape victims. Women who are having problem with drug abuse and addictions, mental health issues receive help with recovery and counseling to help get troubled women back on their feet.


Many parents are continuously stressed due to a lack of support. Destiny Outreach Center  want helps parents by offering a parent night out service for parents to temporarily get away for one night while we do the babysitting. Our services will also include hosting social events for children such as a trip to the local library, movie night, and others. We also help parents improve their computer skills to educate themselves about potential dangers of the internet such as cyber bullying, as well as to learn more of what their children are posting on social media websites such as Face book and Twitter. 


Our Immigration Assistance program provides will help to clients who are experiencing immigration problems by providing legal assistance & medical exams. We will assist in all phases of immigration and naturalization proceedings and are destined to provide the right service in any matter concerning immigration and citizenship.



A healthy community brings forth a functional community, whereby creating a healthy society. We offer a wide range of community services which are structured to focus on giving help to the elderly by providing food and medical assistance by way of our food pantry and health fair. We promote several annual community activities such as back to school festivals, block parties and many more to bolster healthy community relationships and social interaction.





We  are the the process of  provide an array of children services which includes an after school program designed to help children with their homework and social skills. Our summer camp program  will offer financial help in a bid to help keep children busy during the summer months. We also host an annual back to school supplies fair and family night outing care for an evening of fun.



By referring to family services Destiny Outreach Center considers the entire family unit. We  want to maintain a well stocked food pantry to ensure that no child is hungry, while at the same time providing financial assistance for utility bills and rent for those who are in need. We will also offer consultation by educating persons by directing them to the necessary resources which will help them overcome their individual struggles they may be facing.



Destiny Outreach Center serves by way of an outreach to provide help to many Haitian communities where children are starving due lack of food, in poor health due to lack of clean water and the proper health facilities and are homeless. We focus on helping children by providing educational facilities, help parents put food on table, ensure a supply of clean water and by creating healthy environment for children to enjoy their childhood. We also help families by teaching them how to cultivate several vegetables and other foods to help feed themselves

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