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New Jersey Initiatives
Community Services

A healthy community brings forth a functional community, whereby creating a healthy society. We offer a wide range of community services which are structured to focus on giving help to our neighbors in need by providing outreach that serves the community. We support individuals and outstanding community partners through ongoing annual programs such as coat drives, homeless survival bags, counseling, medical assistance and health fairs. We look forward to developing new programs and events this year that will help foster community, health, and growth in our area.

Behavioral Services

Our programs are geared to provide education, family support, respite care, advocacy, and service to individuals and families of those suffering from mental illness and drug abuse. Our programs are designed to bring about patient recovery by focusing on counseling and healing for both individuals and their families, struggling with drug addiction. Through our partnership with DestyOnCare and Vineland Recovery, we offer services guided and performed by caring, licensed medical professionals.

Disaster Relief

Floods, Hurricanes, Blizzards, COVID19; Destiny Outreach Center is here for our neighbors. We mobilize our local community members, calling upon their skills, talents and passion for serving others, to activate and work to help those in need. We help in times of disaster and crisis, bringing humanitarian relief, outreach and services to the areas and individuals in our area that are hit the hardest. Providing clothing, food, shelter, helping hands to work and even masks during a global pandemic; we rally to serve our community.

Haiti Initiatives

Land, seeds, sunshine, water, food. It sounds easy, it should be easy. Self-sustaining agriculture is the heart of our ETOPA program. We give and teach, to help others eat. It’s that simple. Education can change a family’s ability to provide food for themselves and create self-sustaining futures for their communities. We work within communities to help sew a prosperous future, so that no child goes hungry. From seeds to goats, we are planting the future. We are helping cultivate an agricultural revival for survival.

Community/Humanitarian services

Destiny Outreach Center provides help to Haitian communities where children are starving due lack of food, in poor health due to lack of clean water and proper health facilities and are homeless due to disasters and crisis. Our focus is helping children by providing educational facilities, teaching families and parents to put food on table, ensuring a supply of clean water, providing health screenings and clinics, thereby creating a healthy environment for children to enjoy their childhood. When we invest in children, we invest in the future. The adage, teach a man to fish is relevant more than ever. However, we don’t just stop there, we teach them all, especially the children, who will rise up to change the future.

Micro-Credit Program

Self-sufficiency is at the heart of all of our Haitian programs. In order for others to grow and become self-sufficient, sometimes we need to lend a helping hand. Access to our micro-credit program is a first step toward empowerment and self-sufficiency for many Haitian families. A small investment in turn, helps families get the supplies they need to run small businesses, learn financial constancy, develop leadership skills and most importantly, build a better life for themselves and the communities they live in.

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