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No women or adolescent should ever have to experience any incidence of rape or violence. Our Rape Victims and Domestic Violence program will focus on counseling to remove any guilt or mistrust from these women. We will offer group meetings to offer these women an opportunity to discuss their thoughts about their unfortunate experience. Our goal is to get these women back on their feet by helping them find a place to stay, job training and financial assistance.


The shelter program will focus on women who are homeless due to domestic violence, illegal substance abuse, unemployed, etc. Our Shelter Project plan to provide these women with a warm place to stay, food to eat, clothing and basic hygiene care. While in the program, women are provided with the proper referral for on the job training, as well as preventive care which may include Gyn, medical examination and other forms of consultation.


We partner with DestyOnCare Health program to help substance abuser like heroin addict to be place on suboxone treatment. Refferral is made to establish substance counselling which is an important  part of recovery.  We help them get their life together by providing overall care, ei if homeless.. get them into shelter etc


We will offer various forms of counseling for substance abusers, rape victims, and for domestic violence. Our individual methods are specifically aimed at providing the right counseling and will refer particular cases for outside consultation in the event that we are unable to meet the requirements of the individual. Our services are accessible for all women that come in and meet with any member of our staff to determine the type of counseling which will best suit their situation.

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