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Our goal is to focus on educating our adolescent on the benefits of staying in school as well as help them to learn a trade. We will provide workshops on sexual education to educate the young adults about practicing safe sex, what are STD's and ways they can protect themselves such as by using a condom and refraining from substance abuse. 


Our teens are in need of counseling.  Destiny Outreach Center will offer the necessary counseling on issues such as substance abuse, mental health and sexual abuse. We will also evaluate the troubled teen and refer them to a suitable treatment center for the appropriate help and care.


Studies have shown there has been a significant increase in the number of cases of substance abuse in teenagers. Many teens are exposed to peers who are using illegal substances later becoming abusers of those substances themselves. It is our goal to help teenagers who have fallen into this unfortunate trap of substance abuse to overcome their addiction and get back on the right track.



We focus mainly on adolescents who have run away from home.  This program is yet to be fully in effect. We will have a team made of dedicated men and women to find adolescent children who are sleeping on the street to get them the help they need by providing food, clothing and shelter. Those who will participate in this  program will be given a medical exam, counseling, job training, and an opportunity to go back to school.

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