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The goal of the T.S.G.C is to inspire all girls( special girls  who are on the spectrum and normal girls)  to love themselves, to be the best their can be and  to  be socially appropriate. T.S.G.C wants  to enhance social skills in high functioning  girls who are on the "spectrum" by having them interact with other normal developmental girls.   .

T.S.G.C will create an outlet for girls to learn from other  girls  while they're having fun in a comfortable and friendly environment.  Weekly activities is pending/on hold.




We will offer after school program for special needs kids not so much to help with homework but to build social skills with role play, interaction with peers, etc. This programs will  not just for special needs children because we believe social skills can enhance healthy interaction with other children who do not have special needs. We focus on maintaining a level of fun while working on social skills that these kids needs. We want to strenghtened The Core subjects in this after school program.



We will offer after school art program for special needs kids not so much to help  them express themselves but to build social skills  thru interaction with peers. Our goal is promote self confidence with the thinking process they can  do anything if  they put  their mind and soul into it.   Special needs children  will have an avenue  to express inner feelings and thought thru visual art.  Both dance, drama,  and other art  form will play a great  role in this art corner. Our main focus  is using arts to help  special  need kids   developed critical thinking skills and to enhance social skills  and much more while they are fun .


Children with special needs are prone to be teased and bullied because they are different. Our Bullying prevention program  will function by teaching special needs children how to recognize a bully, how to report it and how to get help if being bullied. Our goal is for no children special needs or not to ever be bullied.


We understand that families who have children with special needs at times need a break from their day to day routine and that’s when we come in. The Respite Care  will be a cost-free service to families who have children with special needs. We will provide Respite care for few hours to allow couples and families a night out. We will  have structured activities for the children to participate in while mom or dad are enjoying an adult night together. 

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